5 tips for making a successful company promotional video

Among many marketing channels, video marketing is one of the most effective channels. Because the short film combines visual and sound effects, it’s easy to impress the audience, increasing the chances of turning the audience into your customers.


How to design an effective social media strategy for your B2B company

If a company wants to be successful in Social Media, they must have a good Content or Post and invest in advertising, such as Facebook ads, IG ads and Facebook Page management. People generally think that Social Media’s advertising is only suitable for newer and younger companies, but this concept is wrong. Because the fact is, as long as the company is willing to focus on your potential customers, targeting them and showing them interesting ads, the effect is good.


Have you started your next KOL marketing campaign? This is why this type of marketing is booming. Its average rate of return is 11 times that of traditional digital marketing, so it’s worth investing. But calculating the ROI can be difficult.In this guide, we’ll show you how to measure the ROI of your KOLs.

9 Useful Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

No digital marketing agency is an island, which means using all available resources to get the best results for your customers. Sometimes this even means free stuff.As technology is now what we want to change every year, there are many applications and tools that can make the work of digital marketing agencies easier.


Social media has become the expectation of the United States; any company large and small needs to stick to it. Social media is important for a number of reasons: it makes you more relevant in your search, keeps your company name in the public eye, and enables companies to contribute to their knowledge space. However, for B2B companies, social media is essential.


Many companies in Hong Kong use Google Adwords, Facebook ads to promote their companies, or increase sales. But have you ever thought that in the age when everyone loves to watch movies today, KOL can make a comeback at home every day, and a short film of a well-known KOL can be obtained in just a few days. You should know about 100,000 or even millions of views – Youtube is your next marketing channel that you need to pay attention to and even use. Youtube can get you to reach millions of users. However, Youtube looks much more on weekdays, but using Youtube for Marketing believes that no one knows so many people. To do Youtube Marketing, you need to focus your YouTube Marketing strategy on specific goals, diversify your content, and optimize for YouTube’s Search Engine, which helps your company build effective and engaging. Film work case.