How can online stores improve their online shopping experience?

Although Online Shopping is becoming more and more popular, in fact, the way in which physical stores attract customers to shop in the store is also worth learning online, thus increasing the conversion rate of your online store by improving their online shopping experience.


How to develop a web platform as popular as Airbnb?

The Airbnb website is global and has changed the ecology of the travel accommodation industry. Its success certainly depends on innovative business thinking, but don’t ignore its website design. The Airbnb website features a simple yet functional user interface. Simply put, the user experience on the Airbnb site is great and impressive. Chinese companies should learn from the Airbnb website and refer to the user experience design process to improve their website and make your website equally successful.

[Mobile APP and Medical Institutions] How can the healthcare industry apply mobile App?

The mobile APP has penetrated into every corner of the daily life of modern people. In the commercial use of this technology, it can greatly facilitate the life of customers. In the Western world, medical care companies are using mobile apps to increase their interaction with patients. The mobile app simplifies the payment process and improves the monitoring of health and diagnostic accuracy. In the past few years, the medical care industry has undergone many different changes, and advances in medical technology have simplified many medical procedures, making doctors’ diagnosis more accurate and drugs more effective.

How to design an effective social media strategy for your B2B company

If a company wants to be successful in Social Media, they must have a good Content or Post and invest in advertising, such as Facebook ads, IG ads and Facebook Page management. People generally think that Social Media’s advertising is only suitable for newer and younger companies, but this concept is wrong. Because the fact is, as long as the company is willing to focus on your potential customers, targeting them and showing them interesting ads, the effect is good.

The Best Free Music App of 2019 | Android or iOS?

What is the best free music app of 2019? There are billions of music apps out there in the iOS App Store and Google Play. The actual number will take a long time to decipher, as new applications come, sometimes even too quickly to attract attention. The rise of Internet access to radio, streaming services, instrument tuner and editing device applications makes it difficult to determine what is best for who and who. No one wants to download a dozen music apps, only one that fits their needs.

What do you need is a Website development company or a full-service digital company?

Website is very important to a company. Most companies now have a websites in their own right, and they want to improve or even re-develop a new web page. Coupled with Hong Kong’s website development companies like the number of Ganges, it is easy to find dozens of similar companies on Google, but have they considered other digital marketing work, how will the website development company cope?

10 things to watch out when looking for Web Development Agencies

At present, it is difficult to hire a high-quality web development agencies to design a web interface and programming. Although the employment experience is relatively shallow, although it can save a certain cost, you also need to provide him with training. If the company itself has no relevant experience, it can be said that it is impossible to start. Why not choose a web development agencies, which can save costs, and they are experts in this field, can provide professional advice to customers, and the results are more effective.