Fifteen years ago, the biggest concern for most e-commerce by major retailers was largely hypothetical. With the advent of a small online bookstore, the idea that online stores would one day lead the retail industry was daunting, but it was not the case at the time and seemed to be imminent. Even a decade ago, the current threat of promoting 60% of online retail shopping did not exist. Five years ago, the concept of personalization was just a promising experiment, with only a few people testing. Now, brick-and-mortar stores find themselves facing what the “retail catastrophe” brings, something they can’t see.


6 Reasons Why Startups Need to Use RUBY ON RAILS

In today’s technology environment, the pace is fast and constantly changing. This makes startups have limited time to launch products. Therefore, you must carefully select the technology stack, which may determine your success or not. Ruby on Rails is a great choice for these situations; it’s so reliable, it’s used by tech giants like Twitter and GitHub. So why not? It is fast, reliable and safe. So let’s see why Ruby on Rails is a good choice for your startup.

How UX Design can take your company to the next level

At present, the challenges faced by Hong Kong companies are fierce every day. To improve their competitiveness, in addition to the artificial intelligence (A.I) that everyone talks about, UX Design can help your company. If you are not in the design industry, you may have heard of – UX Design (User Experiece Design), but you may not know what it is and what benefits UX Design can bring to your company. Although UX Design seems to be a hot topic at present, in fact, it has been an important subject since the 1990s. As mobile devices become popular in our lives, UX Design is also become more and more important.

10 Advantages of Responsive Website Design

Does your webpage require Responsive Website Design? At present, everyone in Hong Kong has at least one or more Internet devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and desk computers. But have you ever thought that even if the same page, users of different devices will not see the same layout, they will provide web pages for computer users and mobile users.

Is WooCommerce suitable for your e-commerce business?

When e-commerce is a major part of your sales profit, choosing the right platform can play an important role. The reality is that there are a lot of good services there. You can see what I said in a previous post about Magento; the main player in a large store. But in this industry, one platform is better than other platforms, and more is to choose the platform that is best for you and your business. That is Woocommerce.

7 Reasons why business needs Mobile app

Nowadays, it is very important for a company to have a Mobile App because it can bring a lot of benefits to the company and why the company needs the Mobile App. In Hong Kong, you may find ads or offers in your daily life to attract you to download Mobile App, because more and more companies are discovering the importance of Mobile App. Here are seven reasons why the company needs a Mobile App.