How to develop a web platform as popular as Airbnb?

How to develop a web platform as popular as Airbnb?

The Airbnb website is global and has changed the ecology of the travel accommodation industry. Its success certainly depends on innovative business thinking, but don’t ignore its website design. The Airbnb website features a simple yet functional user interface. Simply put, the user experience on the Airbnb site is great and impressive. Chinese companies should learn from the Airbnb website and refer to the user experience design process to improve their website and make your website equally successful.

Don’t underestimate the potential of a shared platform website. It can be a place where you earn the first bucket of gold or even thousands of barrels of gold. Airbnb is a good example. A popular global wind-sharing economic platform, today is a monster-level giant enterprise with a market value of over 10 billion US dollars.

Basic questions – What do your target customer users need?

Airbnb’s business model is simple. It connects the passengers and the landlord, allowing the owners to temporarily rent out the houses to earn money. Visitors can also find a wide variety of accommodation options at reasonable prices. Airbnb understands that the needs of tenants are simple, that is, to find affordable housing.

Airbnb’s earliest business model was MVP (with the lowest viability of the product, which is the product that will help you understand the market as quickly as possible with minimal resources and time). The early version of Airbnb’s interface provided ample services that covered the basic needs of its users.

Before expanding the business and developing more features, Airbnb only focused on the basic functions that the target customer needed. This strategy succeeded in getting Airbnb’s early cost savings and won the praise of many customers, setting the basis for Airbnb’s development into a forgotten position in the future.

Simple is the best business model

Airbnb’s business model is simple and easy to understand, there are only two types of users on the site: homeowners and tenants. The Airbnb website provides its own user interface for both users, and both user interfaces are very easy to use. Guests can easily search for a bed and breakfast in a certain area and contact the owner of the area who is interested in the area. Homeowners can also easily access guests interested in his homestay with Airbnb’s easy-to-use interface.

Most people like some easy to navigate sites. Airbnb turns this simple business model into a simple web platform that makes it easy for travellers to find local homestays, and homeowners can simply rent out their homes.

Both types of users must be registered to use Airbnb’s services. After agreeing to the User Policy, they can manage their personal information, accept or send payments and contact each other on Airbnb’s website.

Airbnb’s business model is actually a simple trading platform, the same as the general e-commerce website. Just use a similar trading concept model for the right place, you can also create something like Airbnb. Hot online platform. Of course, your website also needs to be carefully crafted and invested enough. If your website is difficult to use or designed to be flat, users will not spend time on your website, and it will be useless in the end.

Produce the Minimum viable product (MVP) with the right technology

As a giant, Airbnb’s website certainly has a strong technical foundation to provide near-perfect and stable quality services. However, not every online store or network platform has the same resources.

MVP is the lowest-featured product, and it is the product that meets the market demand as soon as possible with the least resources and time. You don’t need to have the same resources as Airbnb, the point is that every decision and technology use must be precise with limited resources.

Before developing a website, be sure to find a domain that matches the subject and is easy to remember. Then you need a well thought out plan and hire the right web development company.

Airbnb’s website uses a variety of different levels of technology, but mainly rely on Ruby on Rails (RoR) as the core technology of its entire architecture. With Ruby on Rails, you can quickly develop your website on a budget, safely and quickly. The strength of Ruby on Rails is its power, versatility, and cost effectiveness. It is very popular in many programming languages. Because it has three basic web design principles:

MVC mode (Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture):. The Ruby on Rails architecture has a simple, centralized set of logic that is clear and easy to understand.

“Convention” is better than “convention over configuration”: Ruby on Rails does not require a lot of “necessary” configuration. Allows you to focus on the main development and reduce unnecessary Coding.

Avoid Duplicate Code Principles Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY): Ruby on Rails builds DRY-based principles that reduce duplication of data in the system, which helps reduce errors in the software development process.

Ruby on Rails is a simple, cost-effective and versatile Programming Language that speeds up the development of your website. It’s the premium choice for developing web pages, allowing you to develop lightweight, fast and powerful websites like Airbnb.

Detailed budget and corresponding expected performance

The cost of developing a website similar to Airbnb’s E-Commerce trading platform ranges from about HK$300,000 to about HK$2,000,000 ($40,000 to $230,000), including a lot of Coding and web design work.

The prices below may vary depending on the features you need. The Airbnb website includes the following features:

Optimized and concise search for rotten Search Box: As soon as you enter the Airbnb website, a simple and beautifully designed Search Box is instantly visible, and users can easily find the destination listing in this Search Box. This Search Box can attract users at once and continue to browse on your website, increasing their chances of booking a listing on Airbnb.

Dynamic Map Search: There is a dynamic map like Google Map for users to find listings near their destination. Users can more easily find the right location on the map.

Customer evaluation: Every listing of Airbnb has its own customer evaluation, so that other customers can refer to the opinions of past residents to decide whether to book this one.

Price range: Users can use the price to filter out the housing of their own budget, which is convenient for users with different budgets.

Easy-to-use console Dashboard: The guest and landlord consoles should be easy to use, simple and clear, and contain the information and features they need to know. Take Airbnb as an example. These messages include the total number of reservations, total profit, Message Box, personal files, and so on.

Payment Gateways: Make sure your E-Commerce website offers at least three or more payment methods, such as credit card, PayPal and Stripe.

Payment: Allows customers to easily pay and purchase your product.

Link different social media: Connect your website to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to further your business.

In addition, it is important to consider the upfront cost and long-term cost of the Programming Language used on your website.

Most websites choose Ruby on Rails or Python because they are flexible, stable, and easily connectable to Payment Gateways, simplifying the entire development process.

Meeting the level of Airbnb webpage requires a long time of careful management

The founders of Airbnb started with a simple idea that combines cheap travel with experience sharing. Their business model is simple, understand the needs of customers, and hire the right developers to create a perfect online store experience for users.

Developing a strategy that is not done in a short time with the Airbnb website takes time, patience and proper strategy.

If you don’t have a web design developer in your company or you need other help, we recommend that you hire a professional web development company. Be aware that the customer’s first impression of you is your web page, so it must be in line with customer expectations.


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