How to design an effective social media strategy for your B2B company

How to design an effective social media strategy for your B2B company

If a company wants to be successful in Social Media, they must have a good Content or Post and invest in advertising, such as Facebook ads, IG ads and Facebook Page management. People generally think that Social Media’s advertising is only suitable for newer and younger companies, but this concept is wrong. Because the fact is, as long as the company is willing to focus on your potential customers, targeting them and showing them interesting ads, the effect is good.

Jason King, a senior Digital Marketing expert, said: Social Media is a powerful promotion tool for B2B, especially Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. One of the simple and effective Social Media strategies is the “top feature,” where companies can pin the most important, recent or long-term Post. Then your potential customers will see your important Post or information as soon as they enter your profile.

Promote your Post with Facebook ads and IG ads

When your potential customers or page’s Followers see your Post, they will be able to click to see your Post or browse your page to receive more information about your company. Of course, this is just one part of Social Media’s promotion, and there are many ways to make your Social Media strategy a success.

Provide good content (Content)

Good content is the main reason for the success of your Social Media strategy, because quality content is the beginning of the success of all Social Media strategies.

For example, Red Wing Shoes, one of SocialDEVIANT’s partners, found a way to use Social Media to promote their company, and their success is to provide content that is of interest to their potential customers.

The main customer of Red Wing Shoes itself is an adult. However, they found that young people seem to be less interested in their own brands, and young people’s spending power can not be ignored, so they hope to get more young customers. To solve this problem, they launched a new marketing campaign to encourage customers to upload photos and stories of Red Wing shoes they bought to Social Media, adding Tag – #AmericaWorking to Post.

The effect is of course very significant. Social Engagements increased by 49%, the positive response to the Red Wing brand and the event increased by 92%, and the number of Impressions on Social Media reached 17 million. This event proves that as long as the event is attractive and the content quality is good, the promotion of Social Media can be successful.

In fact, branding activities on different social platforms can bring you more Followers. One of the key aspects of branding is the release of new content.

For example, CoSchedule is made by constantly publishing new teaching articles. Many Content Marketers know that CoSchedule articles can inspire them and let them learn more about Content Marketing’s online tools. As a result, CoSchedule has successfully attracted many Content Marketers to Follow and read CoSchedule blogs and articles. It can be seen that the publication of quality articles or content helps to make the brand successful in Social Media.

In addition to quality content, conversations with potential customers on Social Media can also make your brand a success. For example, you leave a message under the potential customer’s Post or respond to your own Post message. The user’s friends or other users can also see your reply, making people feel intimate about your brand, or see your brand, so as to promote for you.

In addition, you should respond to questions or comments from users’ Social Media as soon as possible, as this will make users feel good about you. For example, if a user asks you a question on Facebook, you should reply as soon as possible, because Facebook will count your response speed, and then let the user know that the company that can respond in a short time can definitely get the customer’s favor. If the user asks you a question at the message, you should reply more quickly. Because the user who asks questions will add a good impression to your company, and other users will think that you are very concerned about your customers, so it is so fast. Remember, it is very important to reply as soon as possible.

Invest in Facebook, IG advertising

Facebook, IG advertising is part of a social media strategy, and it must not be ignored. Of course, Organic content can have some impact, but if you want to reach a large number of target customers, you need to advertise through Facebook and IG. Moreover, companies should not only focus on a social platform, should consider the entire Social Media, think about how to fully contact customers, communicate and target customers on different social platforms.

Mainly, Facebook and Instagram are definitely the main platforms for online stores or promotional products. B2B companies are Facebook and Linkedin. At present, Facebook and Instagram are already connected to your online store. These two platforms are mainly based on pictures and videos. They are important elements for promoting products, and the user level is wide, which allows you to reach different levels of customers. . Most of Linkedin’s users are working people, companies, etc., through the advertising parameters of Linkedin, Facebook, such as the industry, can reach specific customers.

Use Social Media today to promote your brand

Social Media is not just a place for you to reach more customers and get more Followers and Likes. It is also a place to build a brand and promote your brand story, to provide practical information for your customers, so that more people appreciate and fall in love with your brand.


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