How can online stores improve their online shopping experience?

How can online stores improve their online shopping experience?

Although Online Shopping is becoming more and more popular, in fact, the way in which physical stores attract customers to shop in the store is also worth learning online, thus increasing the conversion rate of your online store by improving their online shopping experience.

As Online Shopping became more common, the difficulties of operating online stores gradually emerged. For example, nearly 70% of customers give up the goods in the shopping cart, and 70% of the return rate, this figure is twice the number of physical stores.

However, online store merchants can improve their online shopping experience in different ways, enabling online stores to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

Shopping and Buying

Shopping is a richer and more complex experience than buying, compared to purely transactional purchases.

Physical retailers can take advantage of the physical store space and design to provide a good shopping experience for customers.

For example, the size of the item on the shelf, or where the product is placed. Popular goods must of course be placed in the eye.

The store will also put related products together. Allow customers to see the size, color, materials, product categories or related products so that customers can see your product unconsciously and constantly. On the contrary, online stores are more difficult to provide customers with a similar experience.

But in fact, online stores can also provide similar experiences to customers.

Apply the advantages of a physical store to an online store

When customers shop in a physical store, they must move around and compare products.

Customers may have put jeans and coats in their shopping baskets, but still feel the lack of a scarf. This is what customers can’t understand on the Internet.

Many online stores provide customers with “Wishlists”, which are products they are interested in, but they can only improve the problem to some extent, but they cannot be completely improved.

To improve this feature, the store changed Wishlists to a permanent Dashboard, showing Wishlist next to customers as they search for goods.

Customers can also see the products they have put into Wishlists while browsing the product, so that they can experience the shopping experience of the store.

The store can also make its own collection, so that customers can get more accurate product introductions according to customers’ choices or preferences when purchasing your products.

These improvements encourage customers to buy more than one item, but instead buy a whole range of items that ultimately increase sales.

Cultivate customer community awareness

Many customers want to get positive information from the communities they trust when they buy a product. For example, many people send their product pictures to friends and ask their opinions before buying.

Currently, many online stores encourage their customers to write reviews or share what they just bought on Social Media. However, this is actually only good for the business, but the customer does not get useful information.

Customers usually ask friends or family members when they are online shopping. Therefore, giving customers a place to obtain product information will have an unexpected effect on encouraging customers to shop, because they can get a lot of other people’s opinions or comments on this product in the community, and provide them with information for reference.

You can create a voting system that links to Social Media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Then, before the customer buys, their friends and family can express support or objection through this voting system. You can even join the professional advice of a professional stylist, of course, to charge. This will increase your sales and increase your income source.

Online stores need to be able to cope with large amounts of visitor traffic

Black Friday or Double 11 is no longer a secret. There are a lot of offers at this time of the year, so this is the peak period of online shopping, but many large online stores are not ready for the surge of online shopping customers in 2018.

Customers have high expectations for website performance. Optimizing your E-Commerce website can handle a large number of customer traffic and can be one of your competitive advantages.

This does not only mean that the image of the webpage can be loaded quickly. You need to reduce the overall loading time of your site to increase customer confidence in the performance of your site, and you need to make sure that your server is functioning properly when web traffic is exploding.

The more people who view the site before the site is published, the more errors can be found early.

Imitating the traditional shopping experience can help online retailer Excel

Most online stores only allow customers to go to checkout, and can’t find out the customer’s shopping habits, so they can’t increase the Conversion Rate.

The key to increasing sales is to successfully encourage customers to like your products so that they will come back often.

By considering the preferences of different customers, such as he prefers Online or Offline Shopping? Web designers can meet the needs of customers’ emotions, so that they will come back to your online store for shopping.


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