5 tips for making a successful company promotional video

5 tips for making a successful company promotional video

Among many marketing channels, video marketing is one of the most effective channels. Because the short film combines visual and sound effects, it’s easy to impress the audience, increasing the chances of turning the audience into your customers.

The influence of TV commercials is not as good as before, as TV viewers are reducing and accelerating aging, and many programs are gradually shifting to mobile devices such as mobile phones. As more people use more time on mobile phones and social media. As a result, video marketing has not gone downhill due to the decline of TV advertising, but has become more vigorous, because the production of an online film, social media film is much less difficult than TV advertising, and the cost is lower than TV advertising. The entry barrier has been reduced, making film marketing a more successful new era marketing channel.

However, it is not easy to create a high-quality communication marketing video clip. In addition to certain professional knowledge, it must be coordinated with all the important elements of the marketing campaign to ensure the success of successful video marketing campaigns.

Here are 5 tips for getting everyone to know how to create an effective video marketing campaign.

Highlight the company’s unique selling point

It is not important to tell others about their problems, because most of them already know their problems. Telling them that you have a solution to help them is not important, as they already know that many companies are offering similar solutions.

Most importantly, you need to provide a better solution than the market and effectively communicate this better solution in your promotional video.

Assuming your product or service has a unique selling point, you should make sure that your unique side is clearly visible in your promotional video. Of course, you can’t be too Hard-sell’s own company, or it will incur the opposite effect.

There are many companies that make a series of promotional videos of their own brands. The Dollar Shave Club is one of them. Through their creative film marketing campaign, Dollar Shave Club has generated millions of dollars in revenue and has grown from a silent startup to a big American brand. This example shows that you don’t need to invest a lot of money, you can also make effective promotional videos. The most important thing is to be able to convince customers that your product or service can solve their problems, so that the promotion is effective.

The first 3 seconds of the film determines the success or failure of your ad.

Keep in mind that with the growing development of information technology, the concentration of modern people is decreasing. There is a joke, and today’s human focus is shorter than goldfish. On average, people only spend less than 10 seconds looking at a post.

This means that you need to successfully attract the attention of the audience in a few seconds, otherwise they will gently scan down the next post.

To effectively attract people’s attention, use a bait-like statement at the beginning of the film. This can effectively attract the interest of the target audience and highlight the obvious problems. Use it to ask questions, provide your unique solution, or provide unique Insights.

Another factor to consider is the appeal of the visual effects of your film. This is important because on some social platforms, video ads are played silently. If your visuals are very appealing, people will be willing to turn on the volume of the movie to listen to the sound of your movie. Otherwise, they will swipe directly to the next post without listening to the sound of your movie.

Keep in mind that the first 3-5 seconds of the movie will determine whether your audience stops to watch your movie, or if you leave directly, it is also related to the effectiveness of your promotional video.

The best movie length is about 30-60 seconds

Time is everything when making your promotional videos. The first 3-5 seconds of the movie can help you attract the attention of the audience and decide if they stay to watch your movie, but how long can you let this audience watch?

First of all, everyone knows that no one wants to specifically watch ads on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Social media is generally used to get entertainment or to see what your friends are up to. So to be honest, your advertisement is taking up the private time and entertainment time of the audience.

With this in mind, you can understand that commercials should not be too long, because people are not willing to watch too long advertisements in private time, but your videos should not be too short, because you need to include in the video you want to the audience. The message or propaganda.

Unless it’s a movie about your brand story, the best length for a video ad should be 30 to 60 seconds.

Understand the viewer’s intent signal and use it to lock the audience

It’s important to target the right audience, and to some extent determine whether your promotional video is successful.

However, it is not enough for the right target audience to make your film promotion successful. Now, you need to let them see your movie at the right time to get the best results.

What is the right time? Different products or industries have different answers. But the point is how do we know when it is appropriate? The answer is the “intention signal.”

What is the intent signal?

Intent signals are based on the customer’s intent to tell what urgency they want and need.

The intent signal is not just to determine your target audience and its needs. The focus of current marketing is on the moment when customers most need your product or service. Show them your ads.

For example, if you are an ophthalmologist for laser eye treatment services and you want to advertise yourself, the general strategy is for those who need or are interested in eye treatment. Therefore, you can select people at a specific level based on your interests and show them your ads.

This method was still effective, but it is not working now, because more and more people know this method, and you need to do better if you want to stand out. Your attention should shift to those who have recently sought laser eye treatment, who use apps related to specific eye diseases, and even those who have recently visited a laser eye treatment website. This seems to be much more effective than the previous method, and they have a greater chance to patronize your company after seeing your ad.

Google pointed out that compared with ads with only Target interest or specific audiences such as age and gender, the effect of using new methods of advertising is 20% higher than before, and brand awareness is increased by 50%.

Create an effective promotional video ad

Compared with text ads, promotional video ads are more attractive and entertaining to consumers, so the chances of success are higher.

Effective promotional video ads can attract the attention of viewers and let them continue to watch your ads instead of Skip your ads right away. In order to let customers know that you can provide better products or services.


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