The Best Free Music App of 2019 | Android or iOS?

The Best Free Music App of 2019 | Android or iOS?

What is the best free music app of 2019? There are billions of music apps out there in the iOS App Store and Google Play. The actual number will take a long time to decipher, as new applications come, sometimes even too quickly to attract attention. The rise of Internet access to radio, streaming services, instrument tuner and editing device applications makes it difficult to determine what is best for who and who. No one wants to download a dozen music apps, only one that fits their needs.

Not just listening to music

A variety of device music apps are available for free on iOS and Google Play. The other side of the coin is in-app purchase music or premium subscription fees. Listening to music is an experience everyone has. It’s best to enjoy a beautiful pair of headphones so that relaxation is a state of being, not an occasional indulgence.

1. Google Play Music

One of the latest changes to music and apps is converting Google Play Music and YouTube music into a single app. In 2019, they want to offer it to users so they can fully integrate their current playlists into the latest platforms.

Google’s app provides each user with a unique playlist and radio station. Cloud-based music and podcast collections cost $10 a month and have access to a wide range of music databases of all types and decades.

The collision between YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music will allow listeners to enjoy music without annoying ads, downloads and background listening. The free version still allows up to 50,000 downloads of personalized playlists and allows users to listen without ads.

Play Music will be one of the stars in the 2019 music app.

2. YouTube music

YouTube Music joined the music app industry in June 2018. YouTube music allows listeners to access any music on their platform. Now, it’s not just for video. The merger of Google Play Music and YouTube Music is happening and can only be extended. Premium subscriptions cost $10 a month for ad-free listening. However, they offer free services to those who cannot afford to skip annoying ads.

3. Spotify

Spotify is now a monster in the field of streaming music. It is estimated that 80 million people around the world can access 40 million songs. The app can play a single song or an entire album and allows custom playlists.

The downside is that they are available for free. It only allows streaming using Spotify’s Shuffle Play option. If someone wants to listen to a specific song or offline, it costs $10 a month to access. However, they offer bundled other services such as Hulu.

4. Shazam

Shazam is a fantastic device app that listens to TV or radio and recognizes this song. When watching a new movie or T.V. series and don’t know the title of the original soundtrack, it is perfect for new music lovers.

Shazam is free, but it can’t be used as a standalone music app. However, different streaming services are used to optimize the enjoyment of music. The app even offers users the ability to purchase songs from multiple vendors: Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and more.

5. Amazon Music

Amazon music is relatively new to the music application industry. However, it allows listeners to access a large amount of free music and access its Cloud Player library. However, to get access to all of the more than 50 million songs, the subscription fee is $10 a month.

If the user is an Amazon Prime member, the free music available is approximately 2 million.

Android music apps and iOS may have all of these features in their app store. However, keep in mind that Apple Music is still the first and most popular music app for iOS users. For any music lover, visiting any type of song in any decade is a huge attraction.

Android users can access the same library via Apple Music, which contains more than 50 million songs. Customization is also a feature that attracts attention. Subscriptions cost $10 a month, but they don’t offer free options. However, the free option is there to wait for the download.


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