What do you need is a Website development company or a full-service digital company?

What do you need is a Website development company or a full-service digital company?

Website is very important to a company. Most companies now have a websites in their own right, and they want to improve or even re-develop a new web page. Coupled with Hong Kong’s website development companies like the number of Ganges, it is easy to find dozens of similar companies on Google, but have they considered other digital marketing work, how will the website development company cope? So this article will be a comparison between website development companies and full-service digital companies, bringing you a new entry point when looking for companies to develop, design and improve your website.

Specifically, the difference between a website development company and a full-service digital company can be summarized simply: the latter provides a full service. Suppose your current situation is: You need a company to help you design the future direction of your website. As your business grows, your website start to work with other marketing platforms.

But the point is: Does your business require a website development company or an A Full-Service Digital Agency?

First of all, you need to know your existing resources clearly.

The resources you currently have are not enough, or generally sufficient, but still need to be strengthened.

Perhaps the problem is that the companies that you are currently hiring for web design and development are starting to be inaccurate in terms of ideas, resilience and productivity.

Maybe they can only deal with specific jobs on the site, such as Coding or design, but not enough to cope with SEO or marketing efforts.

Or maybe the real problem is that you are approaching too many companies when you’re making a website. One is responsible for web hosting, the other is responsible for Google Adwords, one for Coding and design, and the other for Social Media Promotion. It is a difficult task to work with so many partners at the same time and find ways to let them work together.

Holding a reform mentality

Whether you are at any time, you are ready to embrace change and challenge.

When you start looking for the right person to upgrade or change your website, you can take your business to the next level. In this case, you will start searching for “web design company” or “web development company” on Google or elsewhere. But is this what you really want? Maybe you need a digital company that can really provide you with a comprehensive service and overall solution? If the website is not your priority, or your budget is tight. Then, web design and development company is your best choice. But if you want to dramatically improve your site’s performance in many ways, and that site has a critical impact on your business, you must work with a full-service digital company.

Because there is a big difference between the two. You can naturally see the differences after referring to the analysis below, and the difference between the two is clearly visible in many ways.

Problems you may encounter:

The questions asked by web design companies are always the same.

This may be a bit exaggerated, but you will find that companies with web design are generally less likely to ask questions. They usually look at the final finished product. They won’t ask about the webpages in your mind? How many pages? Do you need SEO, AdWords, Social Media Marketing? Basically they won’t ask more about the nature of you or your brand, nor will you go deeper into your business model.

Full service digital company – you will receive more different questions, usually related to your positioning vs. the results you want

  1. What is the difference between you and your competitors?
  2. Who is your competitor?
  3. What is the organizational structure of your company, and the team structure for web and digital marketing?
  4. Please describe your company culture.
  5. What type of visitors do you want to bring to your web page?
  6. What do these visitors care about?
  7. Please describe each type of visitors, we want to deepen their understanding and understanding.
  8. How will this new web page and digital marketing promotion accurately reflect the image of your company and be unique among many competitors?

The last key issue is generally answered by a full-service digital company, providing customers with effective strategies and guidelines.

The depth of experience and expertise you will see:

Web design companies – these companies usually specialize in specific areas

Some web design companies are good at design, but they can only deal with basic Coding. Some may be good at cumbersome Apps Coding, but not good at design and brand positioning. Most of these companies are not good at digital marketing. When project requirements exceed their capabilities, they may outsource the project, complete the project with the help of other companies, and may even outsource the entire project, resulting in the need for the customer to re-engage with another company.

Full Service Digital Corporation – A powerful company must provide comprehensive services because they have the skills and knowledge to help them with this capability.

They have creative and artistic cell teams that provide proper design, brand packaging and solutions. And their web developers can handle comprehensive work, including front end & back end design, system integration, and more. Their digital marketing experts know everything about PPC, SEO, email marketing, social media, remarketing, marketing automation and more. Most importantly, they are the same company and work side by side. They communicated with each other and worked together to complete many projects. The advantage of a comprehensive digital marketing promotion company is that they are a company that manages the entire project. They can manage the project directly and effectively, keep up with the development of the project, and effectively cope with unexpected situations.

Full-service digital companies not only have a wide range of in-depth knowledge, but also a wide range of customers and projects, including professional services, retailers, B2B, eCommerce, etc., so that they can provide a comprehensive service.

The team’s thinking mode:

Web design companies – these companies are good at listening to instructions.

They want to bring a good product to their customers, but it all depends on the customer’s requirements.

Full service digital company

“Hello, I want to introduce you to a new project that has just been launched. This program has already seen customers as an example. I hope we can work together to integrate this concept with your business!”

You have a great chance to hear this from the mouth of a full-service digital company. They will continue to find ways to improve your business, keeping up with the pace of the times and the latest technology. Such a team and company can make your business flourish.


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