How UX Design can take your company to the next level

How UX Design can take your company to the next level

At present, the challenges faced by Hong Kong companies are fierce every day. To improve their competitiveness, in addition to the artificial intelligence (A.I) that everyone talks about, UX Design can help your company. If you are not in the design industry, you may have heard of – UX Design (User Experiece Design), but you may not know what it is and what benefits UX Design can bring to your company. Although UX Design seems to be a hot topic at present, in fact, it has been an important subject since the 1990s. As mobile devices become popular in our lives, UX Design is also become more and more important.

So, before we understand UX Design, let’s first understand what UX is. UX is the reaction and feeling generated by the user’s contact and communication with the product. This is the feeling of a user’s actual experience. Therefore, if the product has high usability, easy to use and high efficiency, Can bring users a great user experience (UX). Therefore, UX Design is “to collect the user’s opinions and feelings without changing the practicality of the product, accessibility to improve the user’s satisfaction with the product process, so that users get the best user experience.” UX Designer responds by creating user feedback and creating new products, mobile apps and websites to increase user satisfaction. UX Designer generally performs UX Design like this: simple and straightforward functions, easy-to-use navigation and effective content to bring out the advantages of your product, to use UX Design in your business, to give your company’s products, website or The app brings the best user experience.

You may not know what benefits UX can bring to your business, so here are some of the key benefits from UX Design.

UX Design can improve your Conversion Rate for you

Today’s business world is becoming more and more competitive, and many companies have been trying to find ways to outperform their competitors or catch up with their competitors. UX Design is a powerful tool because it can greatly enhance your competitiveness by increasing the Conversion Rate.

Most people may not know what the conversion rate of a web page is. Here is an example for your reference. In general, the industry’s average Conversion Rate level is 2.35%, while the lowest quarter is only close to 1% or lower, and the highest quarter’s Conversion Rate is 5.31% or higher. Of course, most companies have a lot of room to improve in this area, because the top page’s Conversion Rate is three to five times that of other company pages. Imagine if you could increase the Conversion Rate from 1% to 2.35% or 2.35% to 5.31%, how much change can make to your business. There are now websites with a Conversion Rate of 11.45% or higher. That’s why so many companies value UX Design.

By studying the habits and behaviors of users, real and objective information will greatly help to increase the Conversion Rate. Only by researching and analyzing the data can you know where, when and why your customers are leaving. Studying users’ habits and behaviors can help companies understand whether their customers are confused or frustrated and find out why they are disappointed.

By analyzing data, user responses, and usability tests, you can see what your customers are doing and why. This information will be of great help in designing a more effective interface in the future to meet the needs and habits of customers. The information gained from the research allows UX Designer to find out where to effectively improve the Conversion Rate.

UX Design can help you reduce costs

One of the key benefits of using UX Design is that solving some practical problems during the design phase of the project must be much less costly than later. The UX Design process involves knowing what features need to be developed from the start and putting them in the right place to develop a product correctly. This process should require practical testing to improve the design to achieve the best results. This is how UX Design can help your business reduce costs, without having to make changes in the project or later, the cost of doing so will be much higher.

The UX Design process will get an evaluation from your target users at the beginning of the project, allowing you to improve your design early in the project while avoiding costly mistakes. This is how projects are done through research and a user-centered design process that helps decision making.

To illustrate the effectiveness of UX Design for the enterprise, Robert Pressman pointed out in his book “Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach”: “In the product design process, only one dollar can solve the problem, and it takes $10 in the development process. To solve the same problem, if the problem is solved after the product is released, it will cost $100 or more. Representing the practicality of the User Interface (user interface) for every $1 invested in the initial stages of design will result in significant cost savings.

Build the right product

Web pages are an integral part of modern businesses, and almost every company now has a web page. Web pages are an effective and primary way for companies to communicate with their customers because they have easy access to all available products and services, and allow companies to “open” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for customers to browse and use. But as competition intensifies, many companies are beginning to find that just one web page is not enough to win more customers in the fierce competition, and even keeping existing customers is starting to get difficult.

In today’s digital world, it’s critical to provide quality UX to your customers. UX Design can help you confirm from the very beginning of the project that the products you design for your customers are correct. Through User Research, you can gain insight into how your product, web page or mobile app should be designed. You can use these discovery blocks to improve your User Interface and give customers what they really want. The user interview conducted at the beginning of the project is to understand the needs of the user. Later, user interviews and practical tests can help you verify that your Concept is correct and provide direction for your project development process.

This saves time and money by building the right User Interface from the start. In addition, user surveys allow you to get the right message and create the ideal solution for your users. How effective is UX? In a study by Forrester Research and Watermark Consulting, the top 10 UX companies they studied were far better than others. In the past six years, the average return rate of these companies has been more than three times higher than the S&P 500 index.

UX Design increases customer loyalty to your company

It is important to drive your customers to use your products, web pages and mobile apps. Products, websites, and mobile apps often fail because of a lack of satisfied users. Nowadays technology is developed, information is easy to obtain, consumers are smart and demanding, they are not willing to use UX bad web pages, products or mobile applications, because they know that they have to take the time to research your For products or web pages, it is better to find another company directly.

It can be seen that companies that provide good UX are more likely to bring loyal customers. According to Forrester Research, UX is more effective than instilling values ​​to bring loyal customers. In addition, these customers are more likely to actively promote your company to friends around you, bringing more effective publicity value. Therefore, companies that provide good UX can not only bring more customers, loyal customers, but also get the free advertising benefits that customers do for you. Therefore, employers of Hong Kong companies may wish to add UX Design to your considerations when developing products, web pages or mobile apps. Of course, you can also improve the current UX Design of web pages and mobile apps to improve your competitiveness.


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