How to choose the right Website Development Company

You can easily find thousands of website development company on Google. But which company can meet the needs of your business? I believe many companies have this trouble.

We are writing this article to help companies and how to hire the web design company that best suits their business.If you have the right screening method, I believe that you can easily choose a company that is right for you. Read this article to get a screening web design and development company and choose a company that suits you through a series of questions.

Question 1: What internal resources do we have?

Building a web page requires a comprehensive service, and the following outlines the services you need:

  1. Brand Strategy and Positioning
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Advertising copy (Copywriting)
  4. User Experience (UX)
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Front End Development (HTML/CSS/JS)
  7. CMS development (Drupal/ WordPress)
  8. Web Hosting

Unless your project has a design and development budget of more than $1 million, you can’t hire companies in the above individual areas. You can start searching from the internal list: What services can we use to make good use of the company’s internal resources?

Whenever you delete a service from the task list, it’s easier to find the right company. In addition, if you are responsible for these services within your company, it will be easier and faster to complete the project.

Question 2: What are the key skills required to create a web page?

Building a web page requires three skills: strategy, design, and development. Most companies are only one or two of them, and there are few companies that are skilled in these three skills. Therefore, you usually need a very large budget (more than $100,000) to hire more than one company. Otherwise you will need to prioritize specific skills.

If you can be responsible for strategic work within the company, then you can hire only design and development companies. If you can be responsible for both strategy and design, then you only need a company to develop a web page for you based on your own design specifications. Knowing exactly what you need — and the services you don’t need — is critical to choosing the right company.

Question 3: What is our scope and budget?

The price range of web development is amazing. Some companies specialize in providing services on a fixed budget of 100,000 to 200,000. To ensure this is done, they design and develop web pages for customers through repetitive, fixed processes.

Other companies require a minimum budget of $200,000. Their customers may be faced with serious design or positioning challenges, or the technical requirements of the web page are very complex, such as page content of up to a thousand pages, content types are varied. You need a professional team and project management process that can focus on the project to manage the work of stakeholders for several months and with different companies. This will allow for proper management of web design and development projects.

You must know your budget range early to find the right company for you.

Question 4: Do you need someone to work in your company?

If you are working on strategy and design, it is necessary to delegate people to work in your company. If you have narrowed your work, remote work may be convenient. These considerations depend on how you want to work with the company you hire. In general, the more stakeholders you need to work with, the more you need someone to work for your company.

We suggest that you first look for 3-6 companies, compare them, filter out the more suitable 2-3 companies, and then get quotes and in-depth communication, and even meet. So that you can understand the company and their plans.

Here are some suggestions for your reference, so that you can go to the company to ask questions when you communicate or meeting.

1: Which of your most satisfying websites is in your company’s portfolio? Why?

2: In the past, your company has worked with customers, who is your most satisfied? Why? How will you establish a good relationship with customers? Through this question you will learn about the company’s experience and sophistication, a family Experienced companies will know how to build long-term relationships with their customers.

3: What are the three biggest risks in the cooperation project? How will your company try to avoid this risk? Generally, experienced companies will face sudden accidents in the project, and you can also It is important to understand the company’s crisis management practices and awareness of which company you decide to hire.

4: What advantages or advantages does your company have over your competitors?

5: In addition to your company, if we hire a second company to jointly take charge of the project, what services do you think another company needs to be good at? With this question, you can learn more about the company’s areas of expertise and understand that Whether the company is suitable or not.


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