How retailers use AR Mobile App to improve customer engagement and drive sales

How retailers use AR Mobile App to improve customer engagement and drive sales

New Trends in Retail Marketing: Increase Sales and Enhance Customer Interaction with AR Mobile App

AR Mobile App is quickly becoming the hottest part of retail marketing. By combining online and physical store shopping processes, AR Mobile App offers customers an unprecedented shopping experience. As far as retailers are concerned, this is an opportunity to break through among many competitors and greatly enhance the interaction with customers to increase sales.

The mobile AR app is one of the most popular technologies used to improve the consumer’s online shopping experience. Because AR technology can reshape the customer’s shopping experience in the store anytime and anywhere, even if you are at home, you can try to use the product in the store. Customers can test different sizes and different types of products with only the AR mobile app, and test the effect of the product placed in the customer’s home. It can also be used in-store, providing product information instantly and using Location-Based services to guide users to the right product.

If retailers can satisfy customers’ desire for AR, they will greatly increase their chances of standing out from the competition. AR Mobile App can help companies build customer loyalty to the brand, strengthen interaction with customers, open up overseas markets, shorten the transition time from initial contact to purchase, increase the sales volume of large volume products, and help reduce the chance of return.

Recently, research has attempted to explore the importance of AR Augmented Reality Mobile App for retail business, to study the various ways in which brands use mobile AR technology to improve customer experience, and to identify retailers who should consider when designing AR mobile app strategies. factor.

Here are some important things in the research:

Nearly 75% of consumers have predicted that retailers will be able to provide an AR augmented reality experience. The retail experience of AR mobile apps will become more mature as Apple and Google continue to build their AR development platforms, namely ARKit and ARCore, respectively, and the application of AR mobile app on the market will expand significantly.

Retailers in certain industries, including furniture and home décor, as well as the beauty and fashion industry, are the first retailers to join the AR mobile app for customers. These industries have the most pressing need for AR mobile app, because the two products of furniture and clothing are the most desirable for consumers.

Social media is becoming the primary channel for retailers to engage consumers through the mobile AR experience. Social platforms like Facebook and Snapchat continue to develop different tools that companies and developers can use to deliver an AR experience to potential customers to enhance their promotion and promotion.

But before implementing mobile AR, retailers must consider three important factors.

  1. The cost of developing an AR experience.
  2. The availability of AR-compatible smartphones.
  3. Consumer awareness of mobile AR apps and the quality of mobile AR content.

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