3 SEO Strategies – To help you easily improve Google Search Rankings

3 SEO Strategies – To help you easily improve Google Search Rankings

If you are a newcomer to SEO and want to be ranked first in Google Search with effective SEO strategies, then you must not miss this article.

Ten years ago, it was a breeze. But there are clouds in the sayings, and there are several new things in the past ten years. Therefore, today will bring you the following three SEO strategies to quickly improve your rankings for your website.

1. Content

In 2013, Google launched an epoch-making update – Hummingbird. Since its appearance, it has reduced a lot of messy web pages.

First you need to have a thorough understanding of the content of your website. And it requires constant innovation, inspection, filling holes and ensuring the authenticity of the content to bring the best search results. Moreover, they will recommend your website to interested people around you to further improve the search ranking.

2. Optimize your Title Tag and Meta Description

In Google’s search results, on each website, there is a bold title? Those are the Title Tag, and the description below is the Meta Description.

Suppose you want to search for “Online dating” now, but when you can’t see the keyword in the Title Tag or Meta Description of the search results, would you click on it? Of course not.

In fact, in Google’s search results, keywords will be displayed in Title Tag or Meta Description. The reason is that Google has recorded what each user clicked. When the keyword you searched for appeared, Google knew that you would click on the site. Therefore, make sure that your Title Tag and Meta Description have related keywords. In addition to adding keywords in the Title Tag and Meta Description, the content must be attractive. If the content is monotonous, boring, and can not afford people’s curiosity, the possibility of people clicking will naturally drop. This is a big damage to the SEO of your website. Therefore, adding appropriate keywords to Title Tag and Meta Description is important to improve SEO and website ranking.

3. Google Search Console

In fact, I believe that Google understands that it is not easy to master the skills of SEO. So Google provides a tool – Google Search Console to help you improve your site’s SEO. The point is that this tool is free and suitable for everyone. Please note that Google Search Console takes some time to get data from your site to help you improve your site’s SEO. Moreover, there is a feature inside – Search Analytics. It will point you to all the pages in your website that get user traffic. Moreover, Google Search Console can find out more articles for you to get impressions. Then you can find and use all the keywords that bring you impressions. With these keywords, improving the SEO of your website is like fishing.


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