How to choose the best SEO company in 2019

How to choose the best SEO company in 2019

To do SEO in 2019, you need to improve your SEO strategy more comprehensively to improve your site’s ranking on search engines and attract more target customers, so that your company can remain competitive in 2019. Need to know that in Hong Kong, if you are standing still, it is a step backwards. With Link Building, commenting on blogs or forums in the same industry, and improving Meta Descriptions on the web, these three jobs can make your SEO successful. Take it to the next level.

SEO in 2019 will be very different. Previously, SEO was mainly Keyword Research and Optimization. However, in 2019, your SEO strategy needs to become more comprehensive.

3 ways to improve SEO:

1. Link Building

2. Leave a message on the blog or forum in the same industry

3. Improve Meta descriptions for web pages

The following sections detail how these three methods can improve SEO for you.

1. Link Building

Link Building is one of the most important factors affecting search rankings. Getting Backlinks on other sites means they recognize your content and are relevant to that topic.

To get the quality of Backlink and its SEO advantages, your company needs to constantly look for relevant or well-known web pages so that they can put your links on the webpage. Other users only need to click on the link. Can reach your web page. This is the backlink.

First, you need to understand the types of links you might get from different types of websites and the types of work you can use to build links to your website.

You need the difference between Do-Follow and No-Follow links

You need to understand two types of links: dofollow and nofollow.

Dofollow’s link provides a direct SEO advantage. Dofollow’s link means that Google “follows” Direct to your site’s links, which means they recognize that your content is valuable information.

Nofollow links are links that are Direct to your site but are not considered “approved” by Google. For example, if you posted your Link in the Comment on Quora or social media sites, this is a very common situation. Although the nofollow link does not directly bring you the advantage of SEO, if the reader clicks and enters your website, they have the opportunity to study your website in detail and have the opportunity to become your customer.

In fact, you can get a link to dofollow from your nofollow link. For example, if you post a nofollow link to an article about Google AdWords on Facebook, some companies may click and browse your articles, browse the content on your site, and post articles related to the topic of your article on the blog, and Link dofollow to your article or website.

Publish Posts that appeal to users through unique writing habits

Guest Blogging creates opportunities to increase your dofollow links. Guest Blogging refers to posting your article to other blogs, and then there will be a dofollow link to your web page or blog, which will improve your SEO and increase your visibility.

In 2019, you can’t write a regular article and expect a high-traffic blog to post your article. Highly authoritative and high-traffic blogs have a stricter writing style to match Google’s search results ranking algorithm.

It sounds like it’s very difficult, but the benefits that Guest Blogging brings to you are worth it. Guest Blogging not only brings you more user traffic. In your industry, KOL can also bring authority and credibility to you or your company.

One of the effective ways to create a quality Guest post is to develop writing habits. You can write something unique and real about a topic, and this type of Guest Post will become more interesting.

However, please note that the Guest Posting website usually only allows a certain number of links to Direct to your website.

According to the guidelines of each blog, you can also link the link to a specific page in your web page. Please prepare a Landing Page for your article that best matches the article. Conversely, you can write an article on a specific page of your web page to attract users to the page. And we recommend that this page will let your customers know about your company and can make purchases or make work requests.

Looking for lost links

While developing a new link is a good thing, it’s equally important to make sure that the existing link works properly. By finding and recycling lost links, you can maintain the quality of Backlink and the advantages of SEO.

When a company creates new content or URL changes, it may happen that the link is lost. If you have an inbound link from an external website and you find that the link has been deleted, please contact the externally linked website and ask them to update the link.

If you restart your site, update content, or change your URL, you may lose your link. You may be able to easily fix and create new internal links, but your external links may be compromised. If this happens, your traffic may drop.

You can consider using SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Moz or Majestic to track your links.

“Unlinked” (Unlink Mention)

You or your brand may have been mentioned on other websites, but you may not know it yourself. Unlink Mention is a great opportunity to increase your participation in SEO and your web pages. Many people may not know, you can now use Google Alert to search for these mentioned content, and try to connect it to your website, become your dofollow link, improve your SEO.

You only need to enter your name, company name or product/service name in Google Alert and set a reminder so you can always know which sites are talking about you.

Being mentioned but not getting a dofollow link is a missed opportunity, but fortunately it can be easily remedied. Try contacting the website that posted the content and provide your link and ask them to add it. They may refuse, but there is no harm in trying it.

2. Leave a message on the blog or forum in the same industry

Providing useful and insightful comments on blogs and popular forums in the same industry can also help you improve your SEO.

Sometimes you will find that in the forums such as Quora or blog posts, there is a Comment containing your company link, which will give readers a chance to check your website.

When you publish a Comment, use spoken or lively words to attract the reader’s interest and avoid linking to products or services that are not related to the article or post.

For example, if you are reading an article about the best hotels in Chicago and you have suggestions for the hotel, don’t just leave a link to it. In a realistic conversation, you will provide more insights, tell people why you think it is the best hotel, provide detailed information about its services and pricing, and then provide a link so that people can learn more.

A good way to attract readers is to provide solutions to their problems. People usually ask questions about their business through the forum.

If you are experiencing these issues, please prepare a comprehensive and useful answer that includes links to the topic related to the topic.

3. Improve the Meta Descriptions of the webpage

Meta Descriptions is the text below the link to the search results and is a description of the page.

Good Meta Descriptions is enough to provide searchers with enough information to let them know that clicking on your page can solve their problem and make them decide to click on your link.

Imagine being more willing to enter a web page that clearly describes what you are looking for, or an incomprehensible description?

When writing Meta Descriptions, please consider that the number of characters you enter is not too long, because the Meta Descriptions displayed on Google search results have a limit on the number of characters. The long Meta Descriptions cannot be fully displayed. It looks like “the head has no tail.” “. Also, use keywords that appeal to your target customers.

A comprehensive SEO strategy is needed in 2019

As you can see, SEO is more than just finding the right keywords. Although they are also important to SEO, through Link Building, leave a comment on blogs and popular forums in the same industry, and improve the Meta Descriptions of web pages. Good SEO can help you attract more potential customers and improve Google’s search rankings.


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